A Packed House of 140 Guests hear Governor Rendell cap the first Season of Tasty Talks.

The first season of Tasty Talks ended with a bang on June 27, as former Governor Ed Rendell stood at the podium in Yangming’s elegant ballroom and shared with insights into life and politics with over 140 enthusiastic guests. Local celebrities included four previous Tasty Talk speakers and several on-air reporters and personalities.

The Governor began by answering questions about living with Parkinsons. His encouraging message cited actual improvements in his condition, thanks to early diagnosis and ongoing physical therapy. Rendell responded to questions with witty and incisive comments, from advocating term limits and no pensions for congress, to revealing that his favorite job was District Attorney – “Because I didn’t have to worry about budgets.” Below, I’ve selected just a few of the resonant messages he shared…

“I know I said something good on TV when I get hate tweets from both the left and the right. If everyone had to give their right name and address when they tweet, that would solve all of the problems on the internet.”

“I am a progressive and a proud Democrat, but we shouldn’t tell people we can achieve things we can’t afford. The brilliant 28 year old woman who just upset a seasoned politician is wonderful. But nothing in her agenda can be achieved. We’re trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, and our debt is eradicating our ability to do any social programs, any safety net, do anything in healthcare… It’s a staggering national problem that both parties are sweeping under the rug.”

“Though they are two of my least favorite people, I was appalled that Kirstjen Nielsen went into restaurant and people yelled “Shame” at her, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders went into a restaurant with her family, and was asked to leave. People in politics have a right to privacy too. Doing hateful stuff will only drive more and more good people away from public service, harden the other side, and make them hate you more.”

“Social Security is destined to go broke by 2034. If I was king of the world, I’d solve the problem by uncapping the cap on Social Security taxes. People like me should not stop paying taxes when we reach $120,000. I’d also raise the age limit. When FDR created Social Security, life expectancy was 67. Today, it’s 82 for men and 85 for women.”

“There are solutions to every problem if we work on them together. If we don’t, we will be a nation rife with discord, incapable of solving its own problems. Cooler heads have to prevail.”

Yangming proprietor Michael Wei, and Tasty Talks Co-Chairs Michelle Leonard and Dr.Thanuja Hamilton expressed their thanks for the supporters who’ve made the first ten Tasty Talks such a success. Through their attendance, they contributed thousands of dollars in support of local charities including The Rendell Center, LifeCycle WomanCare, Child Life Services at CHOP, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, and Philadelphia’s Ronald McDonald House.

Ed Rendell also expressed enthusiasm for Tasty Talks: “I wish every citizen had this opportunity once a month to listen to someone in business, politics or the media and have a civil discourse. I congratulate Yangming on a great idea. Send me your list of speakers; maybe I’ll buy a table for the next one.”

Season Two of Tasty Talks resumes in September. Visit Yangming’s website or Facebook page in August for complete details.

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Ed Rendell, Governor

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Jim Donovan, CBS3 anchor

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