The stars came out for the final Tasty Talks luncheon at Yangming.

On Wed, January 29, the final Tasty Talk at Yangming welcomed CBS New Anchor Jessica Kartalija. Jessica spoke to a star-studded audience, including previous Tasty Talks speakers Lisa Thomas-Laurie, former Governor Ed Rendell, journalist Lucy Noland and WXTU radio host Nicole Michalik.

The afternoon began with a heartfelt greeting from Tasty Talks host Realtor Michelle Leonard, who presented her hand-painted images of Yangming to proprietor Michael Wei, longtime manager Alan Huynh and Chef Vince Viola, whose painting of Yangming’s kitchen is displayed below by Kim Wright of Nothing Bundt Cakes.



Michael Wei expressed his deep gratitude to Michelle for her exceptional efforts to gather such a vital creative and business community in support of each benefit luncheon. Then, he introduced Jessica Kartalija, who shared her remarkable journey from Penn State journalism student to CBS Evening News Anchor.

“Two weeks after I graduated from Penn State with a degree in broadcasting, I moved to Yuma, Arizona for my first on-air job. I was 22, making $18,000 a year and anchoring the morning show. I’d come into an empty studio at 5am to write, produce and edit the show. Then I’d load the tapes into a milk crate, carry them to the control room, rush to the bathroom, do my make-up, anchor the newscast and keep track of time so we wouldn’t run over. The next year, I got a raise to $19,000. I thought I was the coolest.”

“From Yuma I went to Albuquerque, where I fell in love with the outdoor life. And from New Mexico, I went to Baltimore to be an evening anchor, where I met my husband at the mall while doing a story on Black Friday. I aspired to be in a Top 10 market like New York, DC or Philadelphia. But every time I was about to start looking, my General Manager would sweeten my deal. We ended up staying in Baltimore for 12 years. All that time, the media kept changing. People posting whatever they like. Fake news. Journalists promoting products on their social media, eroding our credibility. With so many challenges, I felt compelled to return to school, and earned a Masters in Communications and Marketing at Johns Hopkins. Life was good. I was home every night for dinner with my son. My husband and I found the perfect lot to build our home. And then, as soon as the concrete was poured, CBS called. “Can you come to Philadelphia to read with Ukee Washington?” My husband said, you’ve got to go. I did. And they said “How soon can you start?” We quickly came up here to Wayne, and have been here about a year and a half.”

“I anchor the evening news with Ukee Washington. I absolutely adore that man. When I ask myself, is what we’re doing really making a difference?,” I look at Ukee and think, “Every day this guy makes a difference by coming into people’s homes and letting them know we are all in this together. Philadelphia is our city. My mom grew up here. My dad went to Drexel. My husband went to St. Joes.  We care about it. We love it. And now, I get to love it all over again.”

After taking questions, Jessica chose the winner of the raffle to support Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Her helper (below) is Cathleen Helmuth, business development manager of the popular Ame Salon and Spa, which donated a $250 gift certificate. Winner Claire Guarino of Phoenixville was all smiles.

All of us at Yangming extend our deepest thanks for your friendship and charitable giving. We will miss you.

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