TV's Gina Gannon lights up Yangming with her can-do spirit.

TV’s Gina Gannon lights up Yangming with her can-do spirit.

More than 90 guests attended the June 26 Tasty Talk featuring QVC host and TV personality Gina Gannon. Among the guests were Tasty Talk alumni Tracy Davidson and publisher Eddie Keels, as well as fashion designers and photographers, the lovely Miss Philadelphia, and Gina’s mom, all warmly welcomed by Tasty Talk’s founder and host, Realtor Michelle Leonard.

Gina opened her talk with an impassioned plea for the advocacy group Mums & Mutts – the beneficiary of her Talk – which finds homes for thousands of pets in need. Then she shared her personal story:

“Growing up an only child in Northeast Philadelphia, I had a lot of time to myself, and watching TV was just so captivating. I was amazed at the way someone you don’t even know could make you feel so good. I wanted to do that.”

“My dad tried to tell me, “You have to be a nurse. You should be a teacher.” But I always knew what I wanted. I remember coming home from school and watching Oprah with my mother, then playing make-believe chatting with Oprah about my Academy Award.

“So, life lesson: stay true to yourself.”

“Fast forward to college. I was working on The 10 Show, escorting celebrities, making cue cards, learning the ins and outs of TV. I loved it. Then, as graduation approached – at the height of the recession – I was told that I’d won the job of Audience Coordinator. But… surprise! The job didn’t exist anymore.

“Life lesson two: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

“I had seven part-time jobs when I walked into NBC10 and announced that I wanted to be a traffic reporter. During the audition process, I worked on promotional “Street Teams” at three stations, then became a traffic editor and producer at NavTec, learning a traffic reporter’s behind the scene skills.”

“Finally, in 2010, I became the on-air NBC shore traffic reporter. After two years of intensive voice coaching to lose my Northeast Philly accent, I’d made it onto TV!”

“Onto my next goal. As a kid, my mom had QVC on all the time. It was so exciting to see what she was buying. So, while reporting traffic for NBC, I sent videos of me selling stuff to QVC. Seven audition tapes later, a friend alerted me to the opportunity of a lifetime: open auditions at QVC. Soon, I achieved my all-time dream, selling WEN products on QVC across America, Canada, the UK and Japan.

“Since then, I’ve also started working on Chanel 6 as a traffic reporter. It’s been an amazing ride.”

“What have I learned from all this? Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t do something. Use the naysayers as fuel to keep pushing you towards your goal. Believe in your dream, because it’s the belief that will get you there.”

Realtor Michelle Leonard and Yangming wish to thank all of our guests and supporters who have helped make Tasty Talks such a success, and who have provided invaluable support for so many vital charities. Season 3 of Tasty Talks will resume in late September. Until then, have a great summer!

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