Kyree Terrell’s riveting Tasty Talk truly satisfied Mind & Mouth.

Kyree Terrell’s riveting Tasty Talk
truly satisfied Mind & Mouth.

With passion and clarity, Kyree Terrell’s Tasty Talk held more than fifty guests in rapt attention. The young founder of myNEWPhilly.com shared his strategies for living an appreciative and generous life – and described the life challenges he faced from a very young age to arrive at his remarkably positive mindset.

Yangming’s third Tasty Talk, a benefit for Delta Community Supports, welcomed back quite a few guests from previous Talks, including celebrities like Ben-FM’s Kristin Hermann, who raved about the Grand Mariner Shrimp, Crabmeat Wontons, Crisp Brandy Beef and Scottish Salmon, topped off with Toasted Pound Cake with Ice Cream and Strawberries.

We’ll share a video of Kyree’s talk with you soon. Till then, here’s a few of Kyree’s words that really spoke to us….

“Whatever you’re good at, be the best at it. I feel like Alan Iverson when I have a camera in my hands. Treat your tools, and your choice, like it’s truly yours. It gives you a whole different perspective.”

“What are you creating that will make people say, ‘I could be like this person’? Every successful person is successful because they had a vision and they executed in that field. Then they taught others how to execute that vision.” Will you be unselfish enough to empower them to be better than you?”

“If you die with regrets, guess what you don’t have? A legacy. You gotta seize the moment. Take risks. The challenge is to believe that you will get there one day.”

“What would you be if you knew what you could be? If you did get up a little earlier… finish things on time? Everyone can have unimaginable success – whatever success is to you – if you eliminate things that are counterproductive.”


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