Live Dragon & Lion Dance and available Chinese New Year Banquet

Thursday February 15 at 7pm


Welcome the Chinese New Year at Yangming and thrill to the authentic live performance of the Dragon and Lion Dances. A delight for the entire family! And February 12 thru March 18, we’re offering this year’s multi-course Chinese New Year’s Banquet – just $58.50 per person for 4 or more, or $63.50 per person for parties of 2 or 3 (plus tax & gratuities).
Reserve now for our most popular event of the year: 610-527-3200.


The Year of the Dog ~ Good for Lifestyle Changes


February 16 begins the Year of the Dog. According to Chinese astrology, the dog is loyal, fair, intelligent and protective of friends, with a reputation for saying what he means. People born in the Year of the Dog (1934 – 46 – 58 -70 – 82 – 94, 2006, 2018) tend toward careers in community service, such as lawyer, police officer, teacher or doctor. Notables “Dogs” include Winston Churchill, Mother Teresa, Elvis, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Steven Spielberg, Madonna and Justin Bieber.


In 2018, the luckiest things for Dogs are the numbers 3, 4, and 9; the colors red, green, and purple; and the months of February, March and June.


The primary element of this sign is the Earth element, and in 2018, Chinese Zodiac energies are dominated by the Earth element in its Yang form – a good year for lifestyle changes and new business ventures. 2018 could be a sensitive period marked by security concerns and the rise of conservative movements, when those feeling excluded may demand social change, and when companies ensuring the welfare of their consumers will be rewarded.