PHL17's Nick Foley narrates a career shaped by sports, weather and willpower.

PHL17 producer and on-air talent Jason Lee with Yangming’s Michael Wei, PHL17 traffic reporter Jenna Meissner, host Michelle Leonard, news anchors Nick Foley and Demetria Green, former White House correspondent Ronica Cleary, and the executive producer of PHL17 Morning News, Matt Toal.

Virtually the entire PHL17 Morning News team lined the VIP table hear October’s guest speaker, news anchor Nick Foley. Nick chose as the beneficiary of his Tasty Talk the Foundation Fighting Blindness, the world’s leading private funder of research to prevent, treat and cure retinal disease. Realtor Michelle Leonard, Tasty Talks’ energetic host, welcomed an audience studded with newscasters, fashion designers, artists, writers, photographers and inventive entrepreneurs to the Yangming banquet and conference room.

Nick shared the story of his unfolding career with charm and good humor – quite a performance for someone who starts his workday in the middle of the night.

“I’ve played sports my whole life. I remember eating Apple Jacks, watching sports on TV and thinking, “Man, talking about sports would be the best job in the world.” At the University of New Hampshire, I did some print and radio internships. Then one day, about two years after graduating, I contacted a TV station in tiny Prescott, Maine, a town so small it had just one TV station – which broadcast programs from all the networks.”

“Every day, for no pay, I went to the station, grabbed cameras, shot stories and wrote scripts, then bussed tables to pay the bills while living in a basement apartment with one tiny window. It’s the kind of experience where you decide quickly if you want to stick with it, or head back to the drawing board. That’s where I learned the business, and after 3 months, I was hired for the whopping annual salary of $16,500.

“Eventually I made it to bigger markets… Savannah, Georgia … Baton Rouge, Louisiana … and West Palm Beach, a Top 40 Market where I covered weekend sports. I loved Miami, but quickly discovered that with sunshine and beaches come hurricanes. Three days after I closed on my first house, a hurricane struck, a tree fell on my house, and I was covering more storms than sports.

“I got through it, but in my third year in Miami, I learned just how tough the business could be. My news director got fired, and after three years of excellent reviews, his replacement informed me that my contract would not be renewed. Suddenly looking for job at age 27 was a harsh reality, but I persevered, and landed in Altoona, PA, a small place with fantastic people. We did lots of high school sports, tons of Penn State, and – I hate to admit this to Eagles fans – a ton of Steelers’ coverage.

“A year later I decided to switch to news full time, and returned to Baton Rouge, this time as a reporter. Later I was invited to Cleveland, where I spent four years as an anchor and reporter. Cleveland was a great place and a pretty great food town. But the cold that comes off Lake Erie in Winter, I won’t miss that. Cleveland also brought me to Lisa, and now we have a little one, who we brought to Philadelphia.

“A week before I was about to re-sign in Cleveland, my agent called. “What do you think about Philadelphia?” Wow! I decided to do all of my life changing events at once. Lisa and I moved to Philadelphia, and two weeks later we had our baby girl, Lilijana. We live in South Philly now near Bella Vista, and we’ve hit the ground running, spanning out from neighborhood to neighborhood and town to suburban town, experiencing as many restaurants and meeting as many people as we can. It’s been fantastic.”

On November 20th, Tasty Talks welcomes rising star and NBC10 Reporter Miguel Martinez-Valle.

Born in Guaymas, Mexico, Miguel Martinez-Valle joined NBC10 in December 2017 as a reporter and multimedia journalist, shortly after receiving an Emmy award for his coverage of the 2016 Presidential Debate. Miguel has worked as a reporter, anchor and radio producer in Las Vegas and Michigan. He is passionate about the communities he serves, and about immigration and LGBTQ issues.

Mighty Writers El Futuro is
Miguel’s November Tasty Talk charity.

November’s Tasty Talk will provide vital funds for Mighty Writers El Futuro, which teaches kids from toddlers to teens to think and write with clarity and passion. Each year, hundreds of volunteer writers, playwrights, filmmakers and artists lead free daily writing workshops in neighborhoods across Philadelphia and Camden.

Tickets to see Miguel are sure to go quickly.

Just $25 in advance ($30 at the door, if available) includes hors d’oeuvres, a hearty family-style lunch, dessert, tax, tip and charitable donation. Call 610-527-3200 to reserve your seats or table via credit card, or reserve via PayPal on the Yangming website.

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