“Maybe I’ll follow in Barbara Walters’ footsteps.”
Stephanie Stahl’s memorable Tasty Talk

photo, left to right:  Tasty Talk fans Chris Drucquer and Andrea Fanfera Drucquer of Certa Pro with CBS3 Eyewitness News Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl; Realtor and dedicated Tasty Talks host Michelle Leonard; and Yangming proprietor Michael Wei.

Stephanie Stahl, the accomplished Health Reporter for CBS3 Eyewitness News, crafted a moving Tasty Talk which described her rise as a TV reporter, shared insights about the shifting media landscape, and drew attention to key stories from the field of medical science. Below are a few highlights…

On launching her career: “Off I went to Washington DC, landing a job as a production assistant at the WRC radio station while earning a degree in broadcast journalism from American University. I worked nights, weekends… I did anything the station asked me to do.”

About medicine: “There’s all kinds of information out there that’s not scientifically valid. Anti-vaccine groups are all over social media warning about the dangers of vaccines. People see this and don’t vaccinate their kids. Now we have outbreaks of measles, which was close to being eradicated.”

About drug prices: “Research and development is costly, but the price of drugs has skyrocketed. Something’s not right when people can’t afford the medicine they need.”

On food insecurity: “Speaking of important health related stories, did you know that Philadelphia is the largest poor city in America??”

Stephanie summed up her 39 years in journalism this way: “For me, being a health reporter isn’t just covering medical news. Caring for sick and suffering people … losing a loved one … facing our own demise. That’s all part of medicine. The stories I love sharing are where people come to find a life – and perspective – through heartbreak. I’ve learned that we are all much stronger than we think.”


Before Stephanie’s presentation, the Host of the Tasty Talks, Realtor Michelle Leonard, joined Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh in swearing in Stephanie as an honorary Sheriff of Chester County.

Get your tickets now for Lisa Thomas-Laury on Wednesday, March 27.

For the March Tasty Talk, host Michelle Leonard welcomes another Emmy Award-winning journalist. The remarkable 38 year career of Lisa Thomas-Laury has covered the Royal wedding of Princess Diana, Oprah Winfrey’s Legends Ball, and President Clinton’s second inauguration.

Lisa Thomas Laury Banner

Lisa has chosen the Mayo Clinic as the beneficiary of her Tasty Talk, with proceeds going towards POEM research. The Mayo Clinic specializes in treating POEM, a rare and debilitating protein disorder which can be difficult to diagnose.

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Tickets to see Lisa Thomas-Laury are sure to go quickly. Just $25 in advance ($30 at the door, if available) includes hors d’oeuvres, a hearty family-style lunch, dessert, tax, tip and charitable contribution. Call 610-527-3200 to reserve your seats via credit card.

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Jim Donovan, CBS3 anchor

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