From left to right: Dr. Thanuja Hamilton; “Tasty Talks” Creator, Michelle Leonard; WOGL Morning Host, Marilyn Russell; Yangming proprietor, Michael Wei; and Marilyn’s assistant, Laura Boss.

WOGL’s Marilyn Russell charms sixty guests at Yangming’s First Tasty Talk.

Marilyn Russell, the popular host of WOGL’s weekday Breakfast Club, delivered Yangming’s first Tasty talk to a sold out audience. From her years at Y100 and Ben FM to her current post, Marilyn has long celebrated women’s achievements and lends her support to many worthy charities.

The luncheon was introduced by Yangming’s proprietor Michael Wei, who welcomed the guests and thanked Michelle Leonard, the creator of the Tasty Talks series, for volunteering her skills to increase Yangming’s charitable support for Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Michelle returned the complement: “Michael and Alan (Yangming’s manager) are such warm and giving people. Michael is genuinely committed to creating a community dedicated to making a difference. It’s my privilege to be part of it.”

Among the guests was Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh, the Sheriff of Chester County, who is nationally known for her efforts to help communities in need. Sheriff Welsh made Marilyn an official deputy of Chester County, and Marilyn was presented with a birthday cake as the audience sang “Happy Birthday.”

Marilyn summed up the event this way: “I’m very grateful for the warm welcome, the delicious lunch, and the thoughtful questions from the audience. Michelle has assembled such a fabulous group of talents for Tasty Talks, and I’ll be back Oct 25 to hear my friend Jim Donovan of CBS Morning News. Jim’s a remarkable person. I look forward to a very tasty talk.”

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