“Worldy delights await your palate.”

By Lise Monty
County Lines Magazine
February 28, 2012

It happens every time I see the life-size statue of the Chinese foot soldier that greets you in Yangming’s entryway. My appetite automatically kicks in, anticipating the tantalizing and eclectic choices that await.

What new creations will be on the seasonal menu? What zingy dishes make up the list of Szechuan specialties? Will multi-cultural winners like the crab cakes with wine sauce and mango chicken with mirin brandy sauce still be available? Happily, they are.

For my two companions, experiencing Yangming for the first time, the terra cotta warrior triggered memories of their recent visit to China. They savored the Chinese specialties and were pleasantly surprised by the variety and quality of international and American choices. Check this out, they said, noting the winter apple/Vermont cheddar salad, with toasted pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, and apple cider/maple vinaigrette on the seasonal menu. Not traditional Chinese fare, for sure.

That’s when I told them of the two autonomous kitchens, one Western and one Chinese, each with its own chef. The salad also illustrated their adherence to the local/seasonal standards we’ve come to expect.

The elegant ambiance impressed my guests, too. White tablecloths, stylishly modern lighting, intriguing calligraphy canvases and the beautiful etched-glass panels that divide various rooms add up to a fine-dining feel… Click here for the full article.