Yangming honored with National Award
from the American Culinary Federation.

On April 24,2016 at our “Taste of Lemon” event to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand, Yangming was honored to welcome Chef Thomas Macrina. The National President of the American Culinary Federation presented an “Achievement of Excellence” award to Yangming in recognition of our “commitment to excellence in foodservice.” We are very grateful to Tom for coming out on a Sunday evening to join us, and humbled by this recognition from America’s premier culinary institution. You can read Tom’s complete speech below.

Tom Macrina’s award presentation to Yangming
at the April 24, 2016 “Taste of Lemon” event:

“In January of this year, when Michael Wei welcomed Yangming’s first “Chef’s Table,” his goal was to introduce local chefs to Yangming’s refined cuisine and beautifully-renovated dining rooms and kitchen. Two of those those Chefs, Loic Barnieu and Christine Neugebauer, are here again today.
But something else, quite unexpected, took place at that first Chef’s Table. Michael Wei and his Chefs MuYang Shen and Vince Viola introduced an enticing idea: that, working together with the community of Philadelphia area chefs, they could create distinctive dining experiences designed to delight, AND to serve the greater good.
Certainly, the talented chefs here today have created a truly wonderful menu, don’t you agree?
And the amazing duo of Chefs Patrick and Terence Feury created a fabulous Sunday Supper here at Yangming, with locally crafted Dad’s Hat whiskeys, artisanal cheeses from Yellow Springs Farm and heavenly chocolates from Christopher Curtin of Eclat Chocolate.
And now, tonight, A Taste of Lemon.
I want to thank you all for coming. Give yourselves a hand for your adventurous palates, AND for supporting the vital mission of Alex’s Lemonade Stand, which does so much to help families dealing with children’s cancer, and to funding research that may one day find a cure.
Michael Wei is a very modest man. I was specifically asked to focus on the contributions of Chefs Patrick Feury…Keith Thomas…Loic Barnieu…Christine Neugebauer…Peter Fenton…Lenka Zevkovic…the Conshohocken Brewing Company…Majestic Wine & Spirits…and the Delaware Valley Culinary and Sommelier Society.
So tonight, I am here to honor Althea Hutchinson, who is such an inspiration, and to fan the flames of this creative community of chefs. Tonight, let us honor what has been achieved, and look forward with anticipation to the next imaginative Chef’s Table event.”